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Sentosa Luge Singapore

Sentosa Luge Singapore

creative winter wonderland wedding ideas

35 Breathtaking Winter Wonderland Inspired Wedding Ideas


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The 14 most hipster bars in Montreal, ranked

The 14 most hipster bars in Montreal, ranked

Ahhh the plateau. We all hear the name and think of the neighbourhood’s eccentric and vibrant vibe, food, and hot.

#tbt to when we had a shot luge in the Game Room. #shots #olympics #luge #chicago #downtown #caa #shotluge #gameroomchicago #liquor #bar

#tbt to when we had a shot luge in the Game Room. #shots #olympics #luge #chicago #downtown #caa #shotluge #gameroomchicago #liquor #bar

Party ice shot luge might be necessary at Cinco de Mayo party

Party Ice Luge

This Ice Luge Drinking Mold will make you the star of your tailgate,

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Ice Impressions Ice Sculpture Presentations for Special Events and Entertainment.

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Ice luge - A drink being poured down an ice luge at an ice bar in Rochester, Minnesota - An ice luge, martini luge,[1] or shooter-block is a type of ice sculpture made from a large block of ice that has a narrow channel carved through where liquid is poured,[2] such as liquor products.[3] Some are professionally produced from sculpturing or from molds, and some are homemade. Ice luges are sometimes offered in ice bars, and have also been used for serving oysters...

Commercial air conditioning in Las Vegas is always at a high demand. If you find the need to cool off then check the local Icebar.