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really look............see the difference?  now which one do you wanna be associated with?  and why?

Ego and hubris vs. Eco and humility Ego and pride have lead to a dangerous level of hubris in the world which is endangering the irrepla.

In this photo, it is showing a cartoonic image of the male dominanted culture. Its not only showing the male dominated culture but its showing how religion has an effect on society in certain countries. In example the muslim culture, makes females cover themselves up.  This convinces them that woman who wear little to no clothing are disgraceful to their culture.

Funny pictures about Male dominated culture. Oh, and cool pics about Male dominated culture. Also, Male dominated culture photos.

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Why religious and conservative idiots who deny global warming's existence PISS ME OFF!

Funny pictures about The Good Thing About Science. Oh, and cool pics about The Good Thing About Science. Also, The Good Thing About Science photos.

This needs to be a tshirt... Or at every work place...

Less than two hours late and with a slight hangover, here is the Week End Selection As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage

If you really think the environment is less important than than economy try holding your breath while you count your money.” -Dr Guy McPherson

am gonna have to do some research on my own . knew there was some danger to the rain forest but did not know it was this bad!

Such a sad image.

The black of the human population is taking over the green environment. We are all aware of it happening (hopefully) and the tie to the familiar loading bar drives this point hope; the fact that it is a matter of time before we humans, destroy our home.

Music hand signs, innit

Evolution of Rock Concert Audience. Reminds me of you since you go to concerts all the time . Funny how it changes over the years, ayyye?