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Although they seem ferocious, lions can be very loving creatures. #Wild #Lions #Animals

Black-maned Kalahari lion and one-year-old cub in the Kalahari desert, South Africa


He looks so content and happy :) must have had a really big antelope for dinner :)The king of the jungle

Wir haben das gleiche Recht auf ein Leben wie ihr Menschen! Ich bin #keineTrophäe oder eine Zirkusattraktion oder möchte in einem winzigen Zoo leben! ICH BIN FREI GEBOREN UND MÖCHTE FREI LEBEN!!! I was born free!!

Sipo one of the male Lions in the Snow at the Johannesburg Zoo (Lions Rock) in South Africa. Very unusual as we dont get snow!

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This man bought this lion as a cub, and when it got too big he let it go into the wild. 10 years later it was the alpha male in a nature reserve in Africa. When the guy went to see it, the lion walked up to him and gave him a big hug.

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"Africa ~ Running Lion" © Antelope Park Lion Research Photography Project in Zimbabwe