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Sun Conure

Sun Conure aka Sun Parakeet female l male r female has more green back and wings

Sun Conures (sun parakeets) - Aratinga solstitialis

Once an abundant species, the playful and outgoing Sun Conure is now among the rarest parakeets due to bird trapping.

Baby Sun Conure - so adorable ... what my Tiki must have looked like when he was a chickie

Baby Sun Conure - so adorable . what my Woodstock looked like when she was a chickie

Beautiful Sun Conure!

Sun Conure after a bath - we see this every week at home.

the adorable Green Cheek Conure

the adorable Green Cheek Conure. I love birds, however as someone who trains aggressive birds, I never recommend them to people who aren't willing to spend their entire lives with them.