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This is me.

Yep, this pretty much nails it! :-s This is me everyday at the moment!

Every time...........  also, the Golden Ratio, gravity, fractals, plasma balls and light speed, quantum physics, photons, zero-point energy, Sumeria and Ishtar, Solomon and the Templars, ionisphere, illuminatti, GMO's and pop. control, Agenda 21, Saturnalia and Babylon, Alaskan HAARP and HADRON, "Sunkist and sudafed, Gyroscopes and infrared, Won't help the brain-dead, Can't remember what they said, God d***, **** the bed!..." -Maynard

INTJ - Story of my life. I cannot remember how many times I have done this with several different topics.

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children. @Kimberley Cobian youll love the first one!

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children

10 Things Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children. The beanie baby one is the truth.no other generation will understand the beanie babies!

OHMYGOD. i'm not alone! people look at me funny when i say "le meow"

Every time someone types "LMAO" I imagine a French Cat le-meow (Books of Adam)

September 4th: this little dino will make his way on my son's pillow case, I'm sure. It's lovely, fun & cooooool.

because a cutie patootie dinosaur saying rawr is just too adorable to pass up :)

Reminded me of Open Season with the bunny wars!! :)

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35 Terrible Puns To Brighten Your Day! Whip my hare back n forth is my fave :)