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When you think you're going to be brave hopping into the pool, and then when you…

When you encounter that one swimmer who decides to go all out during the warm-up:

Swimming. Because someday I might have to give up running.

I love swimming. If I could I would stay in a pool twenty-four hours, seven days a week. My mom calls me her water baby. The pool is where I feel the most free. I can do anything in a pool.

Total Body Swim Workout - Great place to start if you are a novice!  http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/swimmers-workout

Your Total-Body Swim Workout

Your Total-Body Swim Workout Firm up fast with these in and out of the pool moves because-i-need-to-get-off-my-lazy-butt health healthy-diet weight-loss healthy-food cook-books

duck pond that can be drained.....I see ducks in my future.

Duck pond that can be drained=Free fertilizer for garden every time you drain pond and build native wildlife habitat at same time. I see ducks in my future.