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Rogue Legacy: The Most Important Room In The Game

This video is a brief introduction to the game, Rogue Legacy! I'll go over the gameplay, some of the mechanics, and the upgrade system. I also take a stab at the first boss of the game, but ehhhhh.

Как студия без офиса сделала одну из лучших игр весны. Изображение № 4.

In this Episode, we make our way back to the Spirit Tree, where Sein tells us of the terrible fate of the forest. Sein also tells us how to save it; we must rekindle the Element's of Light! First, the Element of Water, atop the Ginso Tree.

Bayonetta 2 (Wii U) | Oh look,  A Squirrel!! (Chapter 1) | Part 2

Enzo kindly give's us a ride over to Fimbulventr, where a necklace wearing squirrel barely avoids an unfortunate end. But this squirrel may be more than an a.

Dragon Quest Heros (PS4) | So Much Damage! | Part #2

First a massive Dragon, and then swarm after swarm enemies show up!

So many lasers!!! | Axiom Verge (PS4) | Finale

We've reached the end of this epic journey through Sudra, and now only one more foe stands in our way! Just what was the reasoning behind his madness, and wh.

After much running around, I finally figure out where to go. It's time to explore Eden! And it's also time to learn more about these Rusalki that have been guiding us..

In this Episode of Axiom Verge, we continue exploring Sudra, now with our trusty Grapple Hook! It's a little tricky to get used to, and I'm pretty terrible with it. But I still manage to access more areas of Sudra!

As if the first few rooms of the Aquarium weren't fun enough, now we get to follow little Tommy around Kelp world. Later, Tommy presents us with a monster of a platforming challenge that I don't know if I'll be able to beat!

More Aquarium Fun

Life Is Strange | Episode 1: Chrysalis | Premonition | Finale

An insane day ends with an insane premonition, as the meaning of Max's nightmare is revealed!

The Red Lab Coat | Axiom Verge (PS4) | Part #19

In this episode, I speak too soon when it comes to fighting an actual boss instead of a Story related event. Ukhu is one of the most annoying boss fights so far! Oh Joy!

Bayonetta 2 (Wii U) | So Much Insanity! (Prologue) | Part 1

Welcome to the Reason I bought a Wii U! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to play this game, and I hope you're ready for all the insanity that is B.