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Die Hard by Olly Moss

black red movie posters reimagined film classic style cool hot - British artist and designer Olly Moss has re-imagined eight movie classics in minimalist black and red color schemes. Olly Moss first gained recog.

Minimalist Batman Villain Art by Olly Moss - News - GeekTyrant

Minimalist Batman Villain Art by Olly Moss - News - GeekTyrant The Riddler

유주얼 서스펙트 (1995)  인디아나 존스 - 최후의 성전 (1989)  킬빌 (2003)  저수지의 개들 (1992)  로보캅 (1987)  스탠리큐브릭의 샤이닝 (1980)  택시 드라이버 (1976)   타이타닉 (1997)  마이너리티 리포트 (2002)  엑스맨 탄생 : 울버린 (2009)  왓치맨 (2009)  백투더퓨쳐 (1985)  백투더퓨쳐 2 (1989)  백투더퓨쳐 3 (1990)  브라이언의 삶 (1979)  2001 스페이스 오디세이 (1968)    스타워즈 (1999)  배트맨 (1989)..

One in a series of red and black movie posters Olly Moss has done. He's one of my favourite poster designers.

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