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Juvia looks bad as a like damn she looks like she gonna kill someone I wouldn't stand in her way [ "Whoa dang, a badass Juvia!", "Juvia looks bad as a lik

It's Juvia from Fairy Tail! Pencil drawing then some Photoshop edit / color alteration. Rest of the girls can be found at my Tumblr! ~~~ Juvia (c) Fairy Tail // Hiro Mashima

Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Elfgreen - Completed 😃 ❤️ Lucy’s look is the same as my previous drawing of her.

Gruvia - Google Image Search

I love this one! Gray and Juvia, with the infamous Gruvia scarf from the Gruvia special 413 Days

Gray, Juvia, outfits, uniform, kimono, umbrella, sword, katana, cool; Fairy Tail

It's a book of my fav Gruvia pics! Also I can't store no more on my phone lol so I'm putting them Here.