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New Croft beging

New Croft beging

Tomb Raider's Croft Manor For Sale

Tomb Realtor: Lara Croft’s Manor For Sale

Croft Manor blows the Spencer Estate out of the water in pricing - Tomb Raider Series

Illustrations by sirfish

I dreamt of mermaids throughout the spring. This is a personal piece for me, born from the reading of Sarah Hall's "The Electric Michelangelo," the viewing of SF Ballet's "The Little Mermaid," and .

Lara Croft - Rebirth by alicexz

Alice X. Zhang - “Rebirth” - Semi-finalist in Tomb Raider Reborn Contest 2013

What does your character see/feel when he/she/it looks up? Are they in search of something?

"Kesin" (Incarnate in Japanese) Zoe McIver-Underwood Digital photomanipulation

Cloud Strife - repaint by tincek-marincek.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Maybe some of you remember this painting.alright, this is actually repainted version of my older Cloud Strife painting which I did in I just felt like repainting it, cuz I didn't like .

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