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Thoughts so far away...Oh, to know what you are pondering.

Thoughts so far away.Oh, to know what you are pondering.

Não tem problema se afastar de quem não está te ajudando (ou te puxa para baixo). | 10 questões sobre baixa autoestima que você precisa saber

Não tem problema se afastar de quem não está te ajudando (ou te puxa para baixo).

Have you ever caught your dog staring off into the distance, caught in a moment of deep introspection? Behind that doggie grin lies the soul of a true philosopher.



look out, here I come!!!

look out, here I come!!!

I have never actually seen puppies fall asleep while eating. Now I want one

Eating is tiresome

Funny pictures about Eating is tiresome. Oh, and cool pics about Eating is tiresome. Also, Eating is tiresome photos.

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dog on a boat at sunset

Golden retriever watching the sunset - beautiful!

pinterest: 123rachelkeil

Can I bring my dog to the beach? Do dogs need sunscreen? Is sunscreen safe for dogs? All valid questions when taking your dog to the beach!

Cute dogs ... Cute Pets

Gotta love a grinning dog!


Dog at sunset on the beach.

looks just like the doggie that my hubby had before we got married~

Dog lovin' the snow

“God rescued me from the grave, and now my life is filled with light.” JOB 33:28

James Herriot style care at this South African clinic includes everything from rabid puppies and crocodiles to farm animals and pampered pets.

Old English Sheepdog

Meet The Two Most Photogenic Sheepdogs You'll Ever See

old english sheep dog in winter

Golden Retriever by C@rol

My Golden Retriever Ditte on the beach at sunset by Trine

Le photographe Seth Casteel est un amoureux des animaux, et particulièrement des chiens. Il a ainsi décidé de prendre en photo des chiens au moment de leur plongeon dans une piscine. Un rendu amusant et saisissant à découvrir dans une série d’images dans la suite.

Diving Dogs Photography

Underwaterdog lV Photographer Seth Casteel have taken pictures of dogs chasing after a ball into a pool. Alot og great and funny pictures:D