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This hoplite rushes into battle wearing a traditional bell cuirass, supported by a mitra (belly guard) for extra defense, hanging from the bottom of his armour. For the protection of his legs, he wears both thigh guards and greaves, yet goes barefoot. At his side is a kopis (the kopis a little late to be with an archaic bell cuirass--JEB), while he carries his doru and aspis, which bears the device of the gorgoneion, which can also be an iteration of Phobos, personification of fear.

Early Roman Warrior, c. Third Class Soldiers in Servius Tullius's Army would have owned a Greek Hoplite style panoply.

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Macedonian Hypaspists by Christa Hook. Published in the book: Macedonian Warrior - Osprey Publishing.

Доспех 1340-1440. – 371 photos | VK

Very very very good recostruction of bascinet helmet Left milanese basxinet helmet whit a good plate armor and chai mail coif Cigno Bianco Tournament (FB page)

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