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Doctor Who?

Yeah people can where bow ties. if I had the right shirts id were them all the time.

Seriously, if Rory didn't exist. Amy and the Doctor would've been perfect.

Guys, I LOLed for real. This is one of fhe most disturbingly funny things ever hahaha

Do not apologize…

John Barrowman/Captain Jack Harkness everyone. Yes! never apologize for being a Nerd, and my case, no matter what your age ☺

Ignore the last one. I've rejected that headcannon based on the shred of logic still applicable to Who ;)

Tumblr Who #54

I'm with the second dude in the last one, only I'mma kick you somewhere where it's gonna hurt a lot more. << Meet me and we'll arrange something^^^oh god that realisation hurts me in the feels

What would happen if the Doctor read Twilight... (guilty admission, I do like the books, but take them as cheesy YA novels and nothing else. if nothing else, it was awesome to see my students reading ginormous books)

Matt Smith on Twilight. I love twilight and Dracula, but this is too funny!

Great Doctor Who Moment

Great Doctor Who Moment

This was seriously hilarious.<<< since that was just part of Clara, and she knew how the doctor reacts to "bigger on the inside" she could have said it that way on purpose.

Billedresultat for dark 11th doctor f

This is amazing! Made me laugh so hard! Doctor Who

This is why River Song is amazing.

I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled, when I suddenly thought, 'Gosh. The Third Reich's a bit rubbish. I think I'll kill the Führer." Oh, River.

Aren't you a beautiful boy?

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

His thought process- Why do they call me doctor? they call me doctor cause i call me doctor. why do i call me doctor? me, confused.

It's because he wants his Clara back Ten. << You have to go there? You REALLY have to go THERE?

Headcannon that the doctor went back to Pompeii knowing that he would get saved so he could see Donna.

Rose is just like Doctor are you seriously laughing right now don't get us killed.

"The Doctor will not!" I love the face he makes and his laugh in this scene haha

Nine's sass, you're welcome

The Doctor doesn't get the credit he deserves. Admit it, my sassy Doctor was FANTASTIC!