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I have found many bands that do this to me. I am so lucky.

I swear, if you get me band members I'd love you forever.

You bring me a band member and I will literally marry you well not you because ya know I gotta marry the band member but i'll be really nice.

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I say this all the time at school and at random places I go. People at my school don't understand it, but my small group of friends fan girl with me on the situation because we all ship it together!

Or you joined the Black Parade. I mean I wouldn't mind either

Or you joined the Black Parade. I always come out looking like Christian Coma XD

This is so cute. It just make me love him that much more if it's even possible<<<<I'm crying and I want to talk to them or at least get them to talk to me, I'm just sad 'cause I know I'll never meet them

this is the cutest thing<< the annoying thing is that the body guards think they own them// he's just trying to keep them from getting hurt, but he could've let Michael go say thank you.

It's true,  I love everything about them, flaws are the best part... It shows me that they r just like me

This is so strange. But this thought make me feel good. Bc that mean maybe like us