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NROL-39-Satellite-2013 - Enemies of the U.S. can be reached no matter where they hide

/pol/ - McMullin setup Trump/Russia server that allowed FISA wiretap warrants

Ancient Rome Food and Feast Lots of Roman things to make: shoes, games, writing ideas, mosaics linking to maths, roman numeral bingo, making & testing catapults

Week We prepared several Roman dishes and had a grand feast. Imagine Italian food without tomatoes or pasta. The Ancient Romans ate a .

Using DNA strands to design new polymer materials

Chemically Imprint Polymer Particles with DNA Strands - AZoM: AZoM Researchers Chemically Imprint Polymer Particles with DNA…

Moon and stars logo

The moon label used by procter and gamble. Had every child believing that if you bought their product, you were supporting "The Mooney People"…some kind of secret cult.

Logo Inspirations - "Victory Ranch Club" *You can't go wrong using an eagle on a logo they are majestic and convey power and respect, this logo (eagle) would fit perfectly on any football helmet.    *** Me encanta la forma del águila excelente idea para logos deportivos.

Victory Ranch Cub - I like the look of this logo. It stands out, as there aren't many logo that are very similar. Obviously the eagle creates the 'V' for Victory ranch club, while still being recognizable. Overall a good logo, and easily discernible.

first organ transplant - 1950: First successful kidney transplant by Dr. Richard H. Lawler

West (center) and fellow doctors Raymond P. Murphy (left) and Richard H. Lawler performed the world’s first human organ transplant in 1950 at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park.

A new study of 'superagers' offers simple, pleasant advice for those looking to keep their brains young.

Science Has Discovered a Miracle Drug to Keep Aging Brains Sharp: Good Friends

If you think the only way you can get a good night's rest and be fit for life is by spending money at the gym and saying goodbye to your favorite pizza toppings; Being healthy doesn't.

Folks, this is one of the downsides of the information age. Glover calls it media dictatorship.

Unbiased Journalism Is Virtually Dead In America. Big Money Owns The Media & Are Quickly Buying Control Of Our Government. Wake Up Folks Before Fascism Has Completely Taken Over.

My Grandmother Margaret Bostian Havekorst (in blue) visiting her lifelong friend Bess Wallace Truman (seated).

My Grandmother Margaret Bostian Havekorst (in blue) visiting her lifelong friend Bess Wallace Truman (seated).

Retour sur les avancées scientifiques qui ont valu à leurs auteurs la récompense la plus prestigieuse dans les domaines de la médecine, de la...

Prix Nobel : les découvertes scientifiques récompensées cette année

Jean-Pierre Sauvage, un Nobel pour les machines moléculaires

Stained Glass Watertower Sparkles Along Brooklyn's Skyline:  artist Tom Fruin created an installation that adds a little sparkle to the already dazzling Brooklyn skyline. His monumental sculpture, Watertower is mounted high upon a water tower platform located in DUMBO, Brooklyn.  - My Modern Metropolis

Stained Glass Watertower Sparkles Along Brooklyn's Skyline

Brooklyn water tower made from salvaged plexiglass and steel by Tom Fruin


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Hand Lettering Decorations: 80 Handsketched Vector Elements and Logo templates on Behance