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Merry Christmas , Stepanov Ukraine Reflection for friends. http://stepanovreflection.podomatic.com/entry/2014-12-17T07_51_58-08_00

One Cold and Frosty Morning: a song and Orff activity

A song and Orff activity to teach about simple borduns using One Cold and Frosty Morning.

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1st Grade | Tom's Orff Arrangements ALSO HAS arrangements grades for Gr.2-5!

Ton of Orff Arrangements for grades

Mrs. King's Music Room: Music of John Williams. Activities, resources and great ideas!

Music of John Williams

Elementary Music Resources: Centers: Dice Music

At the dice music center, students roll the dice (they can roll one die, two, three, etc - it doesn& really matter).

O For Tuna Orff: Fall Favorites. Links to tons of great songs and activities for fall in the elementary music room. Includes visuals to use with the songs! Great resource.

Fall Favorites

I am linking up with Organized Chaos Fermata Friday for a linky party about some of our favorite activities, songs, tips, etc.

An improvisational exercise for elementary music.

Go Round the Mountain: an improvisation exercise for elementary music

An improvisational exercise for elementary music.

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The Rhythm Dice Game: Divide class into 2 teams. One student rolls die and claps the rhythm of the corresponding color/number. Determine point values depending on difficulty of rhythm. After their turn pass to someone on the other team etc.