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Eat clean

Clean eating list but for 100 days!

Basic rule of eating clean.

Daily motivation: basic rule of eating clean.

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Body by Vi Weight Loss Meal Plan Example

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Banana simple but good

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The BodybyVi Weight Loss Challenge Texas: Rootbeer Float Vi-Shape Shake Recipe

Sunday night prep to eat well all week. This is a MUST in order to stay focused and eat right all week long!  I don't currently do this...I'm haphazard but I need to be doing this.  It makes so much sense!

Sunday Night Prep to Eat Clean All Week {great site for clean eating!} Great site for healthy recipes and ideas to making healthy eating habits more convenient.i don't eat clean but this will be nice to look at later

Do you love Girl Scout Cookies? Try these healthy alternative Vi-Shakes!!! Mmmm. Tastes just like the cookie but better for YOU! scotian.bodybyvi.com

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Body by Vi works!

17 day diet cycle 2 Allowed Food list - see Cycle 1 and Cycle 3 also.

17 Day Diet Food List - for cycle 1, cycle 2 & cycle 3

17 Day Diet cycle 2 Allowed Food List - grocery list - - Free printable PDF - Get cycle 1 and 3 too!

The Vi Shake is a healthy meal replacement that compliments a busy lifestyle without sacraficing well balanced nutrition.  My husband and I started the Visalus 90 Day Challenge 2 weeks ago and we are already seeing results!  Even better, the shakes taste fantastic and keep you full in between meals!  Visit http://stoddharris.myvi.net for additional details!

Project 10 Challenge, lose weight, build muscle or get fit, sponsor a child at risk. Enter to win cash prizes. Challenge others and earn an income.

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Body by Vi Challenge Recipes


Try 1 Tbs. caramel flavoring instead, and add chocolate pudding mix.

Clean Snacks for Back to School | He and She Eat Clean

Clean Eating Back to School Resources

He and She Eat Clean: Clean Eat Education :: Clean Snacks for Back to School (summer snacks for school)

Body By Vi Shakes - www.KindraWeaver.bodybyvi.com

The BodybyVi Weight Loss Challenge Texas: Cherry Pineapple Chill Vi-Shape Shake Recipe

Low cal, low sugar, high protein, high fiber, loads of vitamins and minerals. Excellent post work out shake or meal replacement weight loss shake. http://thinklean.net

Key Lime Pie Shake Milk 2 Scoops Shake Mix (Body by Vi) 1 Graham Cracker tsp Vanilla Extract 2 Tbsp Lime Juice 3 Tbsp Crushed Pineapple Ice Blend all ingredients except graham cracker and pour into glass. Crush graham cracker and sprinkle as garnish

Calories for common foods

Food Calorie Chart for Weight Loss *** You can get additional details at the image link.