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Whilst they may not always be the cutest things in the world, baby birds are still gorgeous nonetheless. With over 9500 species of birds around the globe,

Leucistic Dark-eyed Junco

Leucistic Dark-eyed Junco, looks like a snow type bird but how beautiful to see a white bird in the garden in the Summer

hooded merganser | Hooded Merganser: Cosmo Couture

Hooded Merganser preferred habitat for breeding is swamps & wooded ponds of the northern half of the United States to southern Canada. They prefer to nest in tree cavities near water but will use Wood Duck nesting boxes if available & unoccupied.

Photo by Rainforest Site

"Archangel eagle" African fish eagles are found throughout SubSaharan Africa and the closest living species appears to be the Critically Endangered Madagascar fish eagle and palm-nut vulture.

É Impossível Não Rir Com o Ritual De Acasalamento Destes Albatrozes

É Impossível Não Rir Com o Ritual De Acasalamento Destes Albatrozes

The Boreal Chickadee (Poecile hudsonicus) is a small passerine bird in the tit family Paridae. Their breeding habitat is coniferous woods in Canada, Alaska and the northern edges of the lower forty-eight United States.

Boreal Chickadee - So sweet! (Sax-Zim Bog in Minnesota) <> (birds, birdhouses, birdcages, feeders, feathered friends)

Photograph King Cormorants court at their nest site IMG_8176 by Charlie Summers on 500px

King Cormorants (Phalacrocorax atriceps), also known as Imperial Cormorants or Blue-eyed Shags, King Shags, Imperial Shags, court at their nest site. They exhibit full breeding plumage.

cute little bird in his nest on a branch with what looks like a leaf for an umbrella in case of rain.