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Like when someone you thought was your BFFL tells you you're "literally making things up in your head" Thanks friend. So much for solidarity

The Thinker of Tender Thoughts: An illustration by Shel Silverstein, and inspiring all at once. That one flower left in his lapel, carried by his heart!

Lord, Relationships

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Learned so much about your character when you were angry . you are nothing I thought you to be. your really truly a cruel person when you are angry and things aren't going the way you want them!


When I can't sleep at night- I stare at the empty side of my bed, and wonder about the things I would tell you, if you were laying next to me. Tonight is one of those night's

It seems to me, that love could be labeled poison and we'd drink it anyways. I'd drink it every single time, because I wouldn't mind feeling that connection with someone special every single time.

Johnny Jump-Ups

It's Viola/Pansy time. // Clemmensen and Brok: All around A Little Pistachio Cake and some Pansies.