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Classic Hulk Vs. Wolverine

Hulk Vs Wolverine by Mike Deodato Jr. Wolverine was first introduced in Incredible Hulk Trivia: in issue they matched up again, but by that time they had turned Hulk's invulnerability into lightning-fast regeneration.


The Hulk by Mike S. Miller, colours by Teodoro Gonzalez - Marvel Comics - Avengers - Xmen - Comic Book Art - Bruce Banner - James Logan Howlett

Hulk vs Thing by Stejpan Sejic *

Hulk v. The Thing. Geek Art: Black and White Comic-Book Art by Stjepan Sejic — GeekTyrant

Hulk vs Thing

The Hulk vs The Thing. Hulk would win, hands down. He'd turn The Thing into a pile of rocks by the time he was done. And besides SMASH beats CLOBBER every time anyway.