Mary Tyler Moore looking gorgeously leggy in the early 1960's

Mary Tyler Moore (was a dancer and also secretary whose legs were seen detective series, "Peter Gunn")

We will miss #MaryTylerMoore! Here is her #Beauty Advice in 1970s Vogue via @voguemagazine Role model for Young Women, past, present and future!

Remembering Mary Tyler Moore's Best Beauty Advice in 1970s

Remembering Mary Tyler Moore’s Best Beauty Advice in Vogue

The Most Iconic Workwear of All Time

The Most Iconic Workwear of All Time

TV viewers knew her best as Laura Petrie or Mary Richards, but Moore was also an accomplished dancer, stage actress and tireless advocate for animal rights and juvenile diabetes research. Follow so…

Mary Tyler Moore: Her Life in Pictures

Our tribute to Mary Tyler Moore outlines the actresses' prolific career and shares 35 great photos of the multi-talented actress, wife, mother and activist.

Mary Tyler Moore, original working girl. Love the sweater/pleated skirt combo.

As Mary Richards, Mary Tyler Moore embodied the original working girl, with a wardrobe of pleated mini skirts, shift dresses and pantsuits to match—don't forget the elegantly-tied silk scarf to complete the look.

Oohhhh Rooooobbbb

The Dick Van Dyke Show Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore Costume Design: Harald Johnson, Marge Makau Not to be forgotten, but.

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Mary Tyler Moore is such an inspiration. Not to mention her awesome wardrobe!

heck-yeah-old-tech: ““You’ve got spunk… I hate spunk!” – Lou Grant Today’s passing is Mary Tyler Moore – ”