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DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 38

Fabulous Repurposed Drawer Projects

Beyond The Picket Fence: Drawer Bar/Shelf here but I may make it to store a few garden hand tools, etc

Mancrates.com. Like a ordering a flower bouquet, but for men. Great gift ideas for any man.

Man Crates

Man Crates "We Build Awesome Gifts" Zombie Survival Crate: More than just tools of the trade, this cache has every essential close combat weapon to ensure annihilation.

Brain Tumor Awareness ... My nephew is a champion!!!! He won this battle... Praise God

The lady who posted this said "Brain Tumor Awareness . My nephew is a champion! Praise God" That is encouraging.

sliding with daddy

sliding with daddy

Brain tumor awareness <3 I want to have these done for surgery day when they remove my brain tumor

brain cancer awareness nails, add neon orange for leukemia and brain cancer

40 Cancer Fighting Foods You Need To Start Eating Today: Several foods have proven to be beneficial for fighting against cancer and preventing it from occurring in the first place. Here, we have compiled a list of 40 foods you need to know.

40 Cancer Fighting Foods You Need To Start Eating Today

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases. Studies have shown that a large percentage of cancer related deaths are linked to lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, lack of exercise and most importantly, an unhealthy diet.

Health Benefits of Wormwood Essential Oil

Wormwood essential oil aids in reducing fever, improves digestion, helps get rid of nausea and fatigue, gives relief from stress and anxiety, and fights bacteria.