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God's Story: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho God had a special plan for his family, but they had a hard time trusting him. A guy named Joshua trusted God with his whole heart, and God chose him to be the new leader. You can read all about what happened in the book of Numbers, in the Bible. Check out more great songs and videos at crossroadskidsclub.net!

Joshua led God’s family into the land God had promised many years earlier. He also learned firsthand that God is always with us––and there’s…

3 Things You Must Do Before You Can Be Born Again | Bloggerneecy

You have to repent,in your own words (not a sinners prayer). Be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ,for the remission of your sins & you shall receive the gift Holy Ghost. Take heed ! Lord Bless the ones that obey,in Jesus Name !

Gospel of John - THE LIFE OF JESUS - full movie ‪#‎FaithFriday‬ Have you ever watched a full movie on your computer? Here's your chance. ‪#‎WeAreWECA‬

Gospel of John - Wedding at Woman at the well; Jesus heals the official's son; Jesus feeds the Jesus walks on the water; woman caught in adultery; Jesus heals the blind man;

15 ways to teach kids to be Grateful (by Ann Voskamp). Some ideas for the week before Thanksgiving.

15 Happy Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful

A Holy Experience When Youre Tired of Kids Complaining 15 Ways to Happier Grateful Kids

The Twelve Spies

Joshua, Caleb, and the other ten return to report on the scouting mission to the Promised land. They bring back fruit from the land as evidence of the riches.

Advent Week 3: Joy - Joshua told to be strong and courageous and God would be with him and God used him to lead

Joshua succeeds Moses in leading the Israelites.