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Is why we love thm. Not because they are hot or whatever, but because they actually care about us and love us. And we love them.

Aww thanks guys. Danisnotonfire // AmazingPhil - Dan Howell // Phil Lester>> Awe, they're such sweethearts!

Love me like you do..“Dan sat under the hot sun for hours thinking maybe if he sit here long enough, Phil might love him the way he loves his garden. patreon | youtube | twitter | instagram | storenvy | redbubble ”

Plant Boy Lester and Camouflage Howell with hobbit hair make a very aesthetic picture. I love MaddoxRider

Soft kitty warm kitty- Daniel version

Soft kitty warm kitty- Daniel version<<<< u sure it's the kitty song it sounds like the lama song

phil dan and dil - Google Search

Okay but do you see how in the top one he is straight faced but in the bottom he's smiling so big awwwwwwwe Phan Dan Howell danisnotonfire Amazing Phil Lester