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Animal shaming

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I think I laughed a little too hard at this. The fifth to last is my fave though. It's soooo cute in that picture!!!!

Horror has a face…

Funny pictures about Horror has a face. Oh, and cool pics about Horror has a face. Also, Horror has a face.

The longer you watch this video, the funnier it gets! LOL!!

Cockatoo starts messing with his little brother during an Elvis song.

The longer you watch this video, the funnier it gets! *Watch till the end!

Funny Images of The Day - 30 Images

Of course I had to take a drink right when I read this oh my God

This seat is taken. This made me laugh more than it should. HA.

Move Along

Tiny tiny hummingbird on a chair - this seat is taken. yes, sir, it certainly is ;

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I love you, watermelon. I love you so much, watermelon. You understand me, watermelon---- Markia this totally freaks me out but i also find it slightly adorable. Remember when we would hug the watermelons my Mom would buy for us?