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Perun is the highest, most dominant god in Slavic mythology. Occupying a space akin to Zeus in Greek mythology, Perun is the god of the storms, thunder and lightning with many other attributes as we.

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So this is the entryway to an underground house, maybe? I don't like the idea of a completely underground place, though.

Saulė (Lithuanian: Saulė, Latvian: Saule) is the Baltic Goddess of the sun. (artwork by lombrascura) Saule, the sun, rides each day through the sky on a chariot with copper wheels, drawn by horses who neither tire nor rest nor sweat. Toward evening Saule washes the horses in the sea, sitting on top of a hill, holding the golden reins in her hand. Then she goes beyond the silver gates into her castle at the end of the sea.

Sunna is the Norse Goddess of the Sun, also known as Sól, though some hold that Sól is the mother and Sunna Her daughter. In Norse mythology, the Sun is female while the Moon is male.

The list of Slavic Mythology gods and creatures...

The list of Slavic Mythology gods and creatures...


doesn't really look like a dragon to me. It is a terrifying image though so I can see why the Vikings included images of dragons on the front of their ships. It was a way to intimidate their opponents.

Андрей Шишкин – современный художник, известный портретист и настоящий мастер кисти, призванием которого стала реалистичная академическая живопись. http://a-shishkin.ru/

Magician by Andrey Shishkin(well-known artist, who was born in Moscow in Here he lives and works now. This Russian artist works in the style of realistic academic painting and creates paintings that delight in its splendor).

Norse Tree of life. Represents hierarchy of Norse Gods in Valhalla

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Njord - The Son of Buri and of a Frost Giantess, and Brother to Bor and Mimir.

Female Warrior-Valkyrie

Valkyrie In Norse mythology, a valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja "chooser of the slain") is one of a host of female figures who decide who dies and wins in battle.

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