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Alfabeto radiofónico: Alfa, Bravo, Charlie… | A un tip de las TIC

Alfabeto radiofónico: Alfa, Bravo, Charlie…

What is Braille? | Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Know why Abhinav wants to build Iron Man suit: Also find out seven fascinating facts about Braille Code.

Viking compass   Who ever has this mark will always find there way!!

Viking compass Who ever has this mark will always find there way!

Alphabet |


Ealiest symble was in china and it traveled to with pottery to west. Banpo(chinese)/Phoenician/old hebrew/linear A etc. Phoenician Many Phoenician many Old Hungarian Ancient Gr…



Old Hungarian Runes/Alphabet by lovemystarfire on DeviantArt

These were requested by a fellow Deviant They are a squared version of the Old Hungarian Alphabet (Runes) That I found. Old Hungarian Runes/Alphabet

Resultado de imagen para tattoo lobo tribal

New arrive Waterproof Temporary Tattoo Sticker on body art the wolf Water Transfer flash tattoo fake tattoos make up boys

Mysterious Benedict Society Morse Code chart

'Mysterious Benedict': Solve A Puzzle, Save The World

Image from http://api.ning.com/files/IkeNpTrEQk7bOgKMW*MmWtopDWzKOtuiD8DKHTQ5FUB8HjrjUxMI6OYVzjiZC0hxJ-xB3CfmusrHcSZGgvgThFKi0YJbC99q/correselements.jpg.

Chart of Corresponding Elements correselements.jpg - I view some of this a bit differently, but all in all this is an interesting chart



Snare Fishing - great to know in case you need to depend on fishing for food in a survival situation.

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