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Repugnant-cans are Imbeciles

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Trump says "everyone will be covered" by the replacement for Obamacare. Indeed. (Thanks to Matt Bors.)

- Years late, Abbott realizes TX govt should invest in flood mitigation; CHIP funding gap puts almost 1 million TX kids at risk

90% of Americans think that background checks should be required for all gun purchases. We will make our voices heard.

Former Congressman and MSNBC commentator Joe Scarborough, a longtime advocate of gun rights, publicly rejected his former 'ideology' Monday morning during his program.

Women on average make only $0.77 for every $1 a man makes. These numbers are even more grim for women of color. #ImagineActLead #UVaWomensCenter

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(And 77 cents is just the number for white women. Black women and Hispanic women get paid significantly less on the dollar) Senate GOP voted Unanimously AGAINST Equal Pay for Women

I'm, in a word, terrified.  This man is just all kinds of wrong for the United States.  A country that once was a proud symbol of freedom, but under Trump's fascist regime, our freedoms are indeed under siege.  Unless you sing praises for Trump. It's now considered #UnAmerican to speak out in opposition to him, his GOP allies, or anything that violates our country's founding document, the United States Constitution.

You thought 2016 was bad? Wait till you see what 2017 brings now that this Trump lunatic is in charge of your Social Security, Medicare, Global Diplomacy and America's nuclear arsenal


Share this image and support prosecuting Wall Street and protecting whistleblowers. Also, tell Congress to change the law

Lowe, Chan – Color Editorial Cartoon – 20170524edloc-a.tif

Lowe, Chan – Color Editorial Cartoon – That hat.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Lies: The attitude of the narcissist towards lying is very childish and simple: If the narcissist lies and gets away with it, (s)he interprets this as being clever and superior to others. In this sense, while common sense clearly sees lying as a social ill, the narcissist views lying as an excellent tool to obtain what (s)he wants and as a means to demonstrate how stupid others are.

The Democratic Coalition uncovered two Trump companies registered in Cyprus, the tax haven and money laundering center serving Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs.

This be my gang. We be runnin the hood in Omaha. Watch out for the French Toast Mafia.

This be my gang. We be runnin the hood in Omaha. Watch out for the French Toast Mafia.