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The system is rigged

The Selective Memory of Liberal Idiots… – Liberal Logic 101

hillary clinton lies - Google Search

Hated Hillary long before Bernie - Yahoo Image Search Results

Correction, Looks EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!!!!

Obama aides researched option to ditch Biden

hillary clinton lies - Google Search

Yep, it happened.

FBI Director James Comey reportedly asked the Department of Justice to say for the record that the Obama White House never directed a wiretap of Donald Trump's phones.

The FBI Director Wants It Made Clear That Obama Didn’t Order Any Trump Wiretap

FBI director asks Justice Department to reject Trump wiretap claim: US media

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ripped Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a Twitter message late Tuesday.

Trump demands Ginsburg resign after her comments on his campaign

Bias Bash: Ellen Ratner on why the media should be holding Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to task for her recent comments on Donald Trump

FLASHBACK: Meryl Streep Gave Rapist Roman Polanski a Standing Ovation 2003 Oscars – TruthFeed 1/9/17

FLASHBACK: Meryl Streep Gave Rapist Roman Polanski a Standing Ovation 2003 Oscars – TruthFeed 1/9/17

Caption: A party in West Hollywood, Calif., for the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

At 84 Million Viewers, Debate Was the Most-Watched Ever

People & Pundits Agree Hillary Scored Big Debate Win Against Empty-Headed Bully Trump

RT_com: RT Yaro_RT: Will recap foreign policy statements (some of them utterly ludicrous) from #debatenight - at 4pm EST on RT_America #News

Chavez💯News on

And, demonstrating why Americans' distrust of the Mainstream Media is at a Historic High, I give you, Lester Holt. ~Brian ~ ThoughtCrime Resistance ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

Real talk.

Typical stupid progressive crap designed to take attention off the real problems.

Or delete emails! NOTHING Trump has said could ever be as bad as the disastrous policies, lies and crimes committed by Hillary. Period. End of subject. Join the Trump Revolution! Your vote for Trump is a vote AGAINST Hillary, the status quo and Washington corruption. You in?

24 Unknown Facts about Hillary Clinton Or delete emails! What a pos she is!

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It goes SO far beyond any of this when you include the Clinton Foundation, quid pro quo, money laundering and charity FRAUD!! Trump Pence 2016!

People misinterpret what Trump says because they're used to hearing nothing but liberal PC garbage that suffocates free speech, rather than the truth. I'll take a direct, candid Trump over a lying, corrupt, murdering Hillary any day of the week.


Because liberals only claim to be progressive and open to everyone. cross them and you will see a whole new type of bat shit crazy. Grow up and stop crying. you lost move in. maybe consider looking for a JOB instead of protesting

Lest we forget the foundations of evil deeds, and substitute them for false narratives and excuses ...

Hillary Clinton and former KKK leader Robert Byrd