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Dachshunds! dog breed info!

The Loyal and Loving Dachshund — The Dachshund, meaning “badger dog” in German, is a lively breed with a friendly personality and keen . All are beautiful!

"Now pups, this is how we get our bellies rubbed"

Dachshund - Friendly and Curious

Oh this remind me of my Tracy when she had Samson n Delilah .

{portrait of a Dachshund} by Roman Rzaev

Dachshund - Friendly and Curious

Dachshunds are one of my favorite kinds of dogs; we have a miniature dachshund who looks a lot like this one, her name is Precious:)

@Jaimi McDonough: Looks like this is all I need for a Christmas tree this year

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Look at that face.looks just like my Rocket girl.don't make me proove it

Doing what doxies do best,  watching every move you make

Doing what doxies do best, watching every move you make. He's a really good "watch dog", he doesn't bark or growl, he just sits and "watches"! I love him!