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The NYC Subway System can be intimidating. It's crowded, fast paced, and the map can be hard to understand at first. Here is our guide to everything you need to know about the NYC Subway System to look and act like a local.

Tips for Riding the NYC Subway System

The NYC subway system can be intimidating to say the least. Here are the best tips from two New Yorkers on how to ride the subway without looking like a tourist!

Staten Island Ferry ~ Everyone wants to see the Statue of Liberty. Ferry tours there start at $12. But the Staten Island Ferry for commuters, cutting across the New York Harbor, is absolutely free and has long held the distinction as the single greatest free attraction on the Eastern Seaboard. Around since 1905, the ferry carries 19 million across the harbor each year. Technically for transport in between Staten Island and Manhattan, most visitors simply hop back on to get back to New York.

40 free things to do in New York City

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I like how interesting the camera angle and shot type is able to make something so mundane seem so vivid. This filming through a window could be a good way to get down the mundane nature of the montage without being too boring in the visuals.

What's better than a boat-ride around lower Manhattan on a beautiful day? A free one! If you haven't yet, you must take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry.

Free Staten Island Ferry for great Manhattan SKyline views and close views of Statue of Liberty without paying (about an hour round trip)

I left a part of my heart in New York ... missing you after all these years...  Park Avenue, Looking South NYC

Park Avenue Looking South, NYC--glad you're okay.twas a stressful few seconds.

NYC commute time map - the darker the colour the longer the commute to work. Gothamist.com

NYC commute time map - the darker the colour the longer the commute to work…

60+ snaps of stylish New Yorkers - 10 years of awesomeness. One of the things I do wholeheartedly miss about New York.

Subway Stalking - NYC Train Street Style

The place where most of us do our thinking before and after work. Ironically it is a soothing place besides the crowds and subway smells.

So much depends on the door you enter to begin a journey, no matter the distance you think you are going. Is it a good door?