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Multi-Window Wooden Computer

woodDock is a wooden dock for “i” devices, you can place iPad, iPhone, iPod together and turn them into a station of entertainment, work and charging . woodDock is a product available at mygeek

10 Super Clever Ways To Turn PVC Pipes Into DIY Projects

10 Super Clever Ways To Turn PVC Pipes Into DIY Projects

Easy PVC Pipe Projects Anyone Can Make: PVC Pipes are the most recyclable and easy materials to be found at home.

DIY PVC Survival Cache...Survival caches are catching on in the homesteader and prepper communities. They are becoming a large part of what prepping is all about – redundancy. You want to have more than one of most things you have. After all, “two is one, one is none,” right? You don’t want to keep everything in one place, either, just in case of an emergency (or, God forbid, you have to bug out). That’s where the survival cache comes in!

10 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Try Using PVC

PVC Prepper Ideas - 10 Ways to Use PVC Pipe for Survival. This cashe can be buried without damage.

The future iPhone G projects the iPhone onto your hand.

The iPhone 'Next G' is Virtually Weightless in Your Palm Designed by Samuel Lee Kwon, the iPhone ‘Next G’ redefines its current concrete counterpart. Though the new wrist-worn concept is tangible technology, the Apple gadget’s familiar touchscreen is pro

Camper van concept | Available for rent in PDX from vagabondvans.com

Oftentimes the van is going to be loaded up with steel shelving. High top vans allow almost everyone to stand inside them. Building your own camper van is a good method of having a camper van without needing to spend …


Looks a little cramped in there. But I like the general idea. -----Computer Desk creation - 3 monitors and 1500 blinking LEDs on front panels

How to set up triple and quadruple monitors..... because my current double monitor is not enough

How to Set up Multiple Monitors

How to set up triple and quadruple monitors. because my current double monitor is not enough

This is the tool for all PVC projects much safer TEKTON 6466 PVC Pipe Cutter - $11. Amazon.com

Unleash the powerful, high-leverage ratcheting action of the TEKTON PVC Pipe Cutter on most non-metallic plumbing projects. Strength and durability come from the rugged, yet lightweight, cast aluminum

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: Document Camera iPad Mount