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Country Living - Grey stallion that appears white. Skin on the muzzle and elsewhere is dark indicating a grey rather than a white horse.


Akhal Teke's are so beautiful! Along with a quarter horse, I will own one of these graceful bad boys one day.

entry way idea

God's gift to man. You know how they say a dog is a mans best friend ? Well the horse is mine.

bay horse with white stripe

bay horse with white stripe

Grey horse

Grey horse

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Souvenirs fuyants...

Horses on a country walk at the beginning of autumn as the leaves are the trees start changing colors:

Horse / I love the light contrast of black and white without the distraction of color. It draws you in with the emotion and drama of it all. Probably have posted this one before.


I love splash horses! Interesting how the mare passed the bald face, its fascinating! "How Pale Face!