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Sorceress by on deviantART. She reminds me a little of the evil Dragon Summoner who was once a Dragon Queen's servant before taken by Darkness.

Paragon of Death Copyright: Hex- Shard of Fate, Hex Entertainment by Phu Thieu I’m Phu, i’m a freelance artist Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Heterodoxy Master Wind designed by Gworld - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Character, Drawings, Fantasy, Paintings & Airbrushing by Fribly Editorial

ConTessa - Google+

✧ ✧ Ambient Occlusion Painting tutorial by alexnegrea female swordmage fighter ranger wizard warlock sorceress witch sorcerer armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

f Warlock Leather Cloak Staff casting undead night rain trail tower Dark Souls Pyromancy by SirTiefling - Inspiration for Lady Vega

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