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Great tutorial on how to use a seam ripper from @Dritz Sewing #sewmuchlove #sewjoann

Sewing Tutorial: How to Use a Seam Ripper

Sewing Tutorial: Learn how to use a Dritz seam ripper for removing unwanted stitches when sewing or quilting - find product info and tips.

forget about my awful tailor's chalk pencil!

Dulce Taylor: Alternative to Tailors Chalk. Sharpen crayola white chalk with a pencil sharpener.

Clover Bamboo Handled Tracing Wheels

tools of the trade: tracing wheels

Great Life Hacks-Use a can opener

Honestly, am I the only one that thinks blister packs are the worst? Using scissors on them works, but it can be dangerous because blister packs are multi-layered. Put your can opener to use and get the job done in no time!

This first step in fabric preparation ensures garments that look better and feel more comfortable.

How to Straighten Fabric Grain

VIDEO: How To Straighten Fabric Grain_This+first+step+in+fabric+preparation+ensures+garments+that+look+better+and+feel+more+comfortable.

I'd heard of this but never seen it actually done. Must give it a try - how to easily turn a tube of fabric the right side out.

How to easily turn a tube of fabric the right side out

Easy trick to turn a tube of fabric right side out. Works with a tube of any size, including stiffer fabrics with interfacing.

top 12 favorite notions and tools

As we start the countdown to the holidays, I’ve been thinking about handy notions and tools to get for my sewing friends (and one or two for myself). Once you have the basic tools it’s nice to add a few

Basics of Thread Weights

Basics of Thread Weights (The Sewing Loft)

Let’s talk about weight. Thread weight, that is. Using the correct weight of thread does make a difference in your sewing project! Heather from The Sewing Loft sheds some light on thread w…

For mysterious, quantum-mechanical reasons, the screws that hold handles and doorknobs always eventually work loose. A few drops of thread-locking compound will permanently fix the problem, yet still allow you to remove the screw with ordinary tools if you need to later. A heavier-duty variety is also available for large bolts and machinery.

27 Instant Fixes For Nagging Problems Around the House

Handy Home Products for Quick-Fix Repairs - Sometimes the key to making a fix is just knowing the right product to use. Our team of professional carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians and fix-it gurus share their favorite products.

How to Sew Lace Seams - Threads

Video: How to Sew Lace Seams

Threads magazine: Browse through our ever-growing collection of essential sewing technique videos based on articles published in our magazine!

See Unconventional Ways to Use Nail Polish

Unconventional Ways to Use Nail Polish

how to sew a perfect teeny narrow hem- Wish I had known this secret ages ago!!

How to sew a perfect baby hem, using ban roll. "I learned this technique from the tailor at The Row - and it has revolutionized my sewing skills. I can now create the narrowest baby hems that do not curl!

Utilisez une pince à linge  pour planter un clou sans  se taper sur les doigts

L'Astuce Pour Planter un Clou Sans Se Taper Sur les Doigts.

Clothespin nail holder solution (Life Hacks - Home) - Top 68 Lifehacks and Clever Ideas that Will Make Your Life Easier

all about interfacing and a site for all things sewing.  how to use interface fabric

You SEW Girl: Troubleshooting Interfacing.