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Doodles,doodles everywhere

While i was freaking my butt off when i saw the last minute of the episode,i had the idea of doing a fanart of it. What made me freak out even harder,is that the symbols are in.

The Dorito Goddess - What do you think Bill would look like flustered?...

What do you think Bill would look like flustered? Cranky or just shy?

monster falls au | bill you’re not a cat get out of here

Me: Bill you’re not a cat Bill: What look at me! I'm a purrfect cat Me: *points at the door* Leave Bill: *smirks* Nope

Si tan sólo Tyron no hubiese bebido esa cola, todo huniese sido diferente

If Tyrone lived. THIS IS SO CUTE OMG. This artist is a Pincester but pshhhhh Fallers stick together no matter what. Even if they ship their NOTPs. I wish I had siblings but I don't D:)

This is a human Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. The design alas is not mine, it…

doc124882175_256855694.gif (232×189)

doc124882175_256855694.gif (232×189)