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Como é que eu sobrevivo depois desse gif? V BTS


Tu vois ce que je vois ?

Foto animada

Love him , he's a sun, shining prince 👑


could you just stop killing me like that ❤

Les BTS reaction sont des situations fait avec des gifs des BTS,  voi… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

BTS Reaction

Bangtan Boys ❤ Taehyung (V) feels sleepy


Only Bangtan : Photo

That smile tho ♥♥♥ On point with his outfit too!!!! Omg and his hair!!!! ♥♥♥

On point hair and outfit, that smile

na qual jungkook gosta de tirar fotos e taehyung vira seu conceito fa… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

King Taehyung slaying like he was born to

Injured Hansung. :'( 4/4 //// Poor bun! T^T

I look down and see that I’m bleeding from somewhere and I never noticed

Taehyung you're dead [bwipsul.tumblr]

Oh hell no, Tae you fucked up. You lived a good life, you was a good person (but we appreciate how smooth asf he blocked that XD)

Ou comment Jin donne une bonne leçon à  Suga sur le respect de la nou… #humour # Humour # amreading # books # wattpad

Une affaire de nourriture

Reakcje EXO i BTS w Losowo ~ # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad



~Garotos à prova de bala~

"As long as you're on my ship, you belong to me.

*・☪·̩͙ ·˖✶үσυ αяε мү gεт αωαү, үσυ αяε мү ғαvσяιтε ρℓαcε*・☪·̩͙·˖✶

So gorgeous with red hair

BTS V - 21st Century Girls

Tae looked hella good this whole performance

Resultado de imagen de taetae gif mascando chicle

bts war of hormone v and that little bit of suga