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Phonetic Alphabet II Art Print by The Vintage Collection at Art.com

Phonetic Alphabet II

NATO Phonetic Alphabet : my siblings and I always knew these because my dad was an amateur radio operator.~ quote from Mary Ryan

Survival Bracelet (version 2). Features 21 different items to aid in an unexpected adventure, to include: fire steel, tinder, twine, ranger band, whistle, handcuff key, knife, saw, fishing gear, zip ties, water purifier, reflective tape, and about 15 ft of rope all packed into a comfortable bracelet that's on your wrist when you need it. Check out the pic to see it all. #survivalbracelet #jewelrytipsandpics

NOTE: What I sell on Etsy does not include the compass, handcuff key, or mini saw blade. The mini saw and handcuff key are too unreliable to acquire in reasonable time. I could add the compass if y…

Master List of Items to Stockpile for the Apocalypse - from http://betterhomestead.com/

Master List of Items to Stockpile for the Apocalypse - from http://betterhomestead.com/

how to wax cheese for storage without refrigeration

Learn how to store cheese long term without need a fridge!

Waxing cheese for long term storage without refrigeration is easy to do with this full color tutorial! The Homesteading Hippy (maybe keep wax for in port use, buy cheese and wax it before we leave?

Emergency preparedness anyone?  Camping stores have lots of great ideas!

Get chlorine dioxide water purification tablets from Aquamira in a handy 20 pack. Each tablet purifies 1 Liter oz) of water.

Lifestraw Go incorporates a water filter that kills waterborne bacteria and parasites. $35

LifeStraw® Go incorporates the award-winning LifeStraw® technology into a durable water bottle. Simply scoop water from a river or pond, screw the lid on, and sip clean water through the mouthpiece.

How to build a 3 month food storage plan for your family. Hint: buy / stockpile only the foods your family would actually eat!!

Family Food Storage Plan For 3 Months

Create a family food storage plan for 3 months of foods your family regularly eats. In an emergency your family will want familiar foods. Prep those!


Food Storage Tips

Food storage containers and long term food storage tips for every situation. Survival Life is the best source for prepper survival gear and tips.

Home made MREs

Learn the importance of diy mre for preppers infographic. Prepare for tomorrow with diy mre for preppers infographic as part of your survival, preparedness plan.

Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life

19 Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life

Funny pictures about 19 Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life. Oh, and cool pics about 19 Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life. Also, 19 Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life photos.

The other day, I decided, I could not take the screeching sound of the garage door opening and closing anymore. It was driving me insane. I felt like it was echoing throughout the neighborhood. I went and bought some WD-40 because that is what my mom always used on squeaky doors. I put it on the hinges and I …

WD-40 Uses You May Not Have Heard Of

How long will my food storage last? These dates are way off. Grains contain oil that breaks down. I'd like to know how long they truly last.

Kitchen Kneads: How long will my food storage last. Interesting that even brown rice can last for 15 years, you just have to since it off before cooking it.