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Song for Jolee by Kamelot

Song for Jolee by Kamelot

Awesome movie quotes: Jerry Maguire, Notting Hill, As Good As It Gets, Casablanca, Fools Rush In, GONE WITH THE WIND, The Notebook, My Best Friend's Wedding, Dirty Dancing, The Wedding Date, Titanic, Sweet Home Alabama, Forest Gump.

Great movie lines from: Jerry McGuire Notting Hill As good as it gets Casablanca Fools rush in Gone with the wind The notebook My best friend’s wedding Dirty Dancing Titanic Sweet Home Alabama Forest Gump

Not anymore! Done. There is absolutely no "going back"!!!!

So many years of my life, spent wishing, hoping and praying that's exactly what it meant. But the joke sure was on me. 5 years of this lesson that some people understand on the second try. Life goes on.

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I am just starting to find my color, and as I do others true color starts to show

How To Fight Depression – A Motivational Comic Inspired By Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ death helped me understand something. My depression isn’t going to win. “I Want To Live” is published by Erika Moen in The Nib

Holden McNeil to Alyssa Jones | Chasing Amy

Holden McNeil to Alyssa Jones