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SH Tags: sherlock/sniffing/the network  Looking for a particular Sherlock reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to deduce them out.

One of my new favourite gifs <-- I feel like I've been deduced. <-- that look he gives you <~~ Damn. Well put, I FEEL deduced and seduced

Ok so people say the Sherlock fandom is crazy, and they are, but have you SEEN the AOT fandom?? Have you SEEN the gifs they make?We need season 3 but they need season 2. ... they scare me

On a scale of one to Sherlock Fandom. <--- his face in the last picture never fails to make me laugh for 5 minutes xD

And doesn't know that the earth revolves around the sun.

I'm bringing you your morning tea. Your not usually awake. You bring me tea in the morning? Well where do you think it came from? It just sort of happened. And doesn't know that the earth revolves around the sun.

Sherlocked = 100% hahahah

So the fandom is actually so smart we can't function in a normal society? So many things explained.// I normally hate math but this just made me really happy. <---- We're awesome.

Cumberbatch with his Cumberbitches.

Cumberbatch with his Cumberbitches.

You might get kicked out of the British Gentlemen's Acting Club for this. << pinned for comment and how damned nice they all are<<< She has a TARDIS phone case

It's raining!

Benedict Cumberbatch and rain. His face is just so. He just swings back and forth between resembling an insect to being the most gloriously attractive human being ever. Obviously this is one of this insect times. I just can't stop laughing!