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A guess at what Rinna might have looked like, drawn after reading that WoT page floating around which elaborates on Zevran’s Tragic Backstory™ and reacting accordingly Also I like the idea that zev.

DAO - Zevran's integration by Pix-maylou on deviantART

Because it's nonsense if you accept so quickly an assassin who tried to kill you in your group, unless you're truly a duck. Actually since Tabris a.


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Morrigan, Witch of the Wilds

“You look upon the world around you and you think you know it well. I have smelled it as a wolf, listened as a cat, prowled shadows that you never dreamed existed.” Morrigan the witch of the wilds- Dragon Age

Hawke and anders

Justice and Hawke by vegarBlack on deviantART /// Svetlana vs