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(Kết ca nghiêm túc bên trái và Song Tử phải sát gái

[ 12 chòm sao]: Tình yêu? Nó có thật? - Chapter 10

Most popular tags for this image include: anime, boy, art and kawaii

cute neko boys - Google Searrrch

(Open RP I'm him. Be the male master.) You sigh in boredom. You had no chores to command me to do since I already did everything I had to. I smirk at you." You say in annoyance when you notice (Try Girl)

beat up anime guy drawing - Google Search

✮ ANIME ART ✮ I like how his shirt looks like newspaper :) i like thar effect that the artist put in there :)

Hey guys!, anime and manga are awesome~, so everybody who is proud to be an otaku, repin, text, anime guy; Otaku  Please tell me the name of this Anime and/or character if you know

Hey guys please get a proper education as well, grammar matters if you want to be respected.

anime boy

anime boy

"Ready to start a rebellion, kid?" The world has been under a dictatorship like ruling. All forms of creativity have been banned, and anyone caught will be executed. Our job is to ignite the revolution in the mass of the country, starting with our squadron of rebels. -Tsun

So, I may or may not have made an inhuman noise when I saw him. He's the perfect Axiom! Axiom Dean <<< idk who this boy is butnI love him

Sexy Anime Demon Guy Porn | Anime demon guy photo Evil-Anime-Guy.jpg

Demon guy (omg lol apparently his picture might be from anime demon guy porn XDD )

Haha! He's so confident! I should ask him how he can be so!

Haha! He's so confident! I should ask him how he can be so!