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Dolphins are my favorite under the sea creature! So playful & they love to interact with humans.

Sea animals (dolphins, hyppocampi). Amphora, red-figured Terracotta (6th-1st BCE), from Caniao.  Greek  Hermitage  Museum

Amphora, red-figured terracotta depicting sea animals (dolphins, hyppocampi) from Caniao, century, BCE - Greek Hermitage Museum

Mythical creatures or real animals?

What Animal Are You Most Like?

Are you most like a mythical creature or a real animal? Personally, I think I'm a Griffin, but the quiz said dolphin so, whateves!

Save the dolphins! Adopt a dolphin today at http://www.oceanicsociety.org/support_options/adopt_dolphin

It has always been a dream of mine to swim with dolphins! Dolphin Medicine: * Healing Through Sound * Compassion * Playfulness * Universal Wisdom * Distinctive * Magick of Water & Air * Accessing Hidden Realms * Joy * Freedom * Breath

Dolphin=Grace. Connected with themes of duality; a great conveyor of the concept of yin and yang. A message of well-being to the pure of heart; dolphin was responsible for carrying the souls of the dead to the Islands of the Blessed; a symbol of protection .

Remarkable photographs capture bottlenose dolphins leaping and surfing through the waves off the coast of South Africa.