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Jessie of the Jungle

Jessie of the Jungle

Silly Snake Dogs. kids would love this supper!

Silly Snake Hot Dogs

INGREDIENTS 1 can Pillsbury® Refrigerated Breadsticks 6 hot dogs with cheese 12 dried currants teaspoon sharp Cheddar cold pack cheese food (from container) Tiny squares of American cheese Tiny strips of red bell pepper

Curly Hotdog Snakes - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - These are so much fun to eat and quite the crowd-pleaser. Serve with

Curly Hotdog Snakes - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever

Curly Hotdog Snakes recipe - Canadian Living I made these for a party 2 years ago.the kids still talk about it!

jungle gym for dogs.Dog yard

dog backyard playground Sweet Dreams Doghouse - Home.I will have an awesome set up like this for my dogs when I have a yard/house/lots of dogs

Best Air-Cleaning Plants. Here is a list of plant options that are non-toxic to dogs and children. Perfect for you modern home.

9 Best Air-Cleaning Plants

Here is a list of air cleaning plant options that are non-toxic to dogs and children.

3. Make the best playground! It’s not hard to tell that your best friend has a never ending supply of energy and loves playing with you, your friends, guests, and anyone who will give them the time of day. To help curve your buddies unlimited energy-supply, it’s wise to incorporate a playground area for your dog. We’re not talking about a jungle gym with slides and a sandbox, rather something more ‘doggie appropriate.’ Enters the imagination.

7 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Doggie Paradise

Gorgeous Dog Run . Carmel Highlands - contemporary - landscape - san francisco - Randy Thueme Design Inc.

Our dogs will have something like this this summero

dog playground - dogs would adore wrecking about up over under and through all of this!

U.S. Marine chats with scouting dog. Guam, August 1944.

The Loyal Dogs Who Served Alongside Human Soldiers In War A U. Marine chats with his scouting dog in Guam in August These dogs were used to track down Japanese soldiers hidden in caves or jungle strongholds, and for running messages.