Roman Muradov

More Yellow Zine 7 stuff! The closest I’ll ever get to political cartoons, which is pretty far, eh? No preorders and kickstarters, printing 100 copies only, you can probably get it from me at ICON and maybe at my signings for.

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Buttermilk Skies: Murakami Yutaka & Yoichi Kotabe

Buttermilk Skies: Murakami Yutaka & Yoichi Kotabe {This is her circus and this is her monkey.


Bubble games: WENDLING / COCHARD, a duo that will make croaking in the surrounding ponds .

Soooo I kind of want a tattoo of this cute lil' fox wearing glasses...

Character design by tipa_graphic , via Behance fox study, fox sketches, cartoon animals