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Rusty I will never forget you my love. My beautiful , loving , gentle boy. My nurse during Chemo.you will alway be in my heart.

I Loved You Best ...

This is a perfect poem for anyone who has every loved, and lost, a furry companion. I love you, Dixie-girl

Dog Rules ... so true!

10 Dog Rules In The House haha so true! My dogs pretty much rule our house :oP

From Marly & Me

Marley & Me Quote. Quotes about Dogs. A dog has no care for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. Dogs just need love. Movie Marley And me.

This is beautiful!!

Funny pictures about And People Say Animals Are Dumb. Oh, and cool pics about And People Say Animals Are Dumb. Also, And People Say Animals Are Dumb photos.

Dear visitors in my home.... Lol

Rules For Non-Dog Owners. This goes for Non-cat owners. Just read cats were it say s dogs!dog s rule dogs !


Awesome dog quote poster - God sent angels down to earth in the form of dogs with notes saying don’t judge, just love. They ate the notes but they keep trying to deliver the message

Simply put ... they are awesome! They've taught me several lessons. :)

Why I prefer dogs.I was reminded again today of why I dislike most of the human race & why I love my dogs so much! Dogs are not fake, they do not judge, they love unconditionally & are always happy to see you.