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Your face always ends up swallowed by their arms and chest!

Tall Girl Problems: awkward hugs with short girls.

How about 6 year olds that reach your chest?

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Hahah I wish i was 4'11...short girl problems - Google Search

to be exact sadly ;

Lol  this is funny but I'm the type of person that would never say this. Sometimes I think I'm too nice!!

So tall girl problem is ***awkward****

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I have my friends move around until I'm being blocked by the sun 😂🤣

.......aaaaand then I remember I have fists and a loud threatening voice. So Move. ;)

I do feel like an ant!

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You kidding right! No, No you are (Do you think I lie about my age or are you just stupid?

Summer, Amanda,  and Emily does this to me lol

Short people problems story of my life haha

Ya, there was this one guy who asked me to dance, and I had been barefoot all night but I had to go out on my heels to dance with him

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mhmm...pretty much

Art of Short People Problems short-stuff. its like when my friends force me 2 check @ Chesington or Thorpe Park if im tall enough

I've always wanted to look through one!! :(

short girl problem I can't even use the peepholes in doors.


Not being intimidating because you don't know how to spell. Go to English class motherfuckers.

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Yassss like the shortest person in my class so im always like 🙋

And then being laughed at by those out with you...and having your feet dangle way above the floor, making you feel even SHORTER

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Short girl problem...and this is why I have my seamstress on speed  dial!

Short Girl Problems- you know, tall girls have to deal with this too!

Short People Problems

Short people problem - When you still can't see through the peephole on your door