Princess Diana

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ARIA — Princess Diana’s ‘Spencer Tiara’

Another Spencer tiara; the second Spencer tiara. Diana never wore it as she preferred the other one. Diana's grandmother received this crown for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. (It's also called the honeysuckle tiara.

Crown for a female member of Sunder's royal family. Sunder is the realm north of the Mounts of Sunder and the Maw of Sundereth, and south and west of Mirin. Eldon is to the north, with the Highlands in between. The colors of Sunder are black and violet. Silver borders are added to royal uniforms to indicate status.

Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria's Emerald and Diamond Diadem - 1903 - by. Koechert - fifteen square step-cut emeralds interchangable with diamonds - base could be worn separately as a bandeau

La tiara y los rubies cabouchon.

Lotus-Motif Diamond and Ruby Tiara, part of the Imperial Ruby Parure; created by Bolin as a bridal gift for Marie Alexandrovna, Duchess of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia upon her marriage to Prince Alfred.

A tiara once belonging to Queen Mary's mother, the Duchess of Teck. Princess Margaret wore it sometimes.

The Teck Crescent Tiara This diamond diadem, featuring three wild roses separated by 20 crescent shapes, was assembled by Mary Adelaide from various jewels she inherited from her aunt, Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester.

The famous Faberge tiara with tea-drop diamonds that were presented by Alexander I of Russia to Empress Josephine ~ The story of the tiara starts from Alexander I of Russia and Joséphine, ex-wife of Napoléon. They were friends, and Alexander presented Josephine tea-drop diamonds. In 1890 Faberge used diamonds to create tiara for descendants of Josephine's son, the Duke of Leuchtenberg. After WWI tiara was inherited by Count of Flanders. by connie

Faberge tiara with teardrop diamonds presented by Alexander I of Russia to Empress Josephine. In 1890 Faberge used them to create a tiara for descendants of Josephine's son, the Duke of Leuchtenberg. After WWI the tiara was inherited by Count of Flanders.

Tiara that belonged to the last Queen of Portugal, D. Amélia. There used to be a matching necklace. Now the tiara belongs to HRH de Duke of Braganza, the suitor of Portugal’s throne.

Jewelry Diamond : Image Description Tiara belonging to Queen Maria Amelia of Portugal. There was a matching necklace. The tiara is now the property of HRH The Duke of Braganza.

IMPERIAL RUSSIAN DIAMOND TIARA~ Magnificent nuptial crown made for Empress Elizaveta Alexeievna, née Louise of Baden, consort of Tsar Alexander I, Paul I's son. Paul's famous pink diamond is the center focus of this diamond crown.Empress Elizaveta. The tiara was made for her by St Petersburg jeweler, Jacob David Duval ca. 1800.

Top Ten Antique Tiaras

Circa 1770 tiara made by Louis-David Duval, possibly for Empress Elizabeth, via Ageless Heirlooms'

Formerly,  belonged in the collection of the Princes of Bavaria.

Ruby and diamond parure- Bavarian Royal Jewels; worn by Queen Therese; a gift from her husband King Ludwig I of Bavaria

The Crown Jewels of France.

In Charles Lewis Tiffany Shocked the World by Purchasing the French Crown Jewels in Paris. Many of These Renowned Gemstones Became Part of Tiffany Designs, Introducing the American Style in Diamond Jewelry.

DIAMOND TIARA, CIRCA 1900,  Bavaria Princess Ursula's Diamond Tiara, The central fleur-de-lys motif set en tremblant to a Tiara composed of foliate and lanceolated motifs, set with Cushion-shaped, Circular-cut and Rose Diamonds, accompanied by a detachable Tiara frame, This tiara was originally part of the wedding present from Queen Isabella II of Spain to her daughter Infanta María de la Paz, Princess of Bourbon (b.1862-1946),  ç

Jewelry Diamond : Image Description Bavarian Sunburst Diamond Tiara, circa The central fleur-de-lys motif set en tremblant to a tiara composed of foliate and lanceolated motifs, set with cushion-shaped, circular-cut and rose diamonds.

Diamond kokoshnik and bracelet. Made for the Empress Maria Feodorovna , wife of Tsar Alexander I of Russia

Diamond Kokoshnik & Bracelet belonging to Empress Maria Feodorovna, wife of Tsar Alexander I

Princess Diana

Tiara Thursday - The Marlborough Tiara or Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara The tiara is named for Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough It is made up of two parts, a Greek key pattern at.