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Optical illusions can work in a variety of ways, and have many classifications. To simplify, illusions can work because of how eyes and vision...  #Optical #Illusions #ShermanFinancialGroup

If you enjoy optical illusions, check out this article of illusions that are based on how our eyes work.

What can you see: a rabbit? or a duck? More than a 100 years after it was first sketched, a drawing has sparked huge reaction when recently shared on social media.

Duck or rabbit? The image that tells you how creative you are

This is a 124 year old painting which was published in 1892 in a German magazine. If you observe the painting, you can spot two different animals in there?

Optical Illusions Spinning-gizmodo.com 바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법

20 Optical Illusions That Might Break Your Mind

a couple illusions that i tryed and they worked tell me if they worked for you.all you do is stare at the picture for 30 seconds and tell me if it works or not.they move

¿Cuántos animales ves?

Funny pictures about Your eyes constantly deceive you. Oh, and cool pics about Your eyes constantly deceive you. Also, Your eyes constantly deceive you.

Optical Illusion by candice

Here is a lovely image of human face optical illusions. Do you find something unusual in this picture? Can you see any human face in this optical illusion?

Moving picture illusion...

These 3D Gifs Will Turn Your Brain Inside Out

Circles Within Circles Optical Illusion The image here appears as if it's pulsing to us. Look really hard and you can see the black and white colors in the image that work to make it look as if it's moving.

Photography by Erik Johansson

Photography by Erik Johansson

Nice beard - First memes

Funny pictures about Man with non-existent beard. It's just an illusion. Oh, and cool pics about Man with non-existent beard. It's just an illusion. Also, Man with non-existent beard. It's just an illusion.

Exercise your brain! ... Is that a Corner House?     First cover the upper half of the picture with your palm, and you’ll automatically assume that the window corner of this building is converx (bulged out). Now try covering the lower half of the photo, and you will see the inner corner of the building (concave this time).     Thanks to https://www.facebook.com/amwealthteam for this cool illusion.

This corner house is a bit tricky. Question: Is the corner concave or convex? Use your palm to cover the upper half of the picture and the corner will be bulged out. However, if you cover the lower half, then it will seem as the inner corner.

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