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Benzie Central Track 2011

Benzie Central Track 2011

I admire Princess Diana for using the media and "paps" to bring attention to various causes.

The meeting of two remarkable women, who died within one week of each other! August 1997 Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris. She was only 36 years old. On September Mother Teresa of Calcutta died.

Michael J. Fox...Parkinson's disease activist. Amazing the attention he has…

With all the Harlem shake stuff going around, I thought I’d post something offensive.

Steve Irwin. Steve had a powerful love and respect for all creatures, sweet and scary alike.  What a special soul he was. . . . and is.

the Crocodile Hunter. He lived life to the fullest. His death reminds me how quickly things can chage.

Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa...what a beautiful picture of two people I admired so much.

Mother Teresa Quotes Mother Teresa Sayings, Quotes of Mother Teresa. These are 2 of the people I admire so.

When Albert Einstein met Charlie Chaplin. Einstein said, "What I admire most about your art, is its universality. You do not say a word, and yet ... the world understands you." "It's true", replied Chaplin, "But your fame is even greater: The world admires you, when nobody understands you." Einstein so inspired Charlie Chaplin to speak these prophetic words.  Charlie Chaplin with Albert Einstein at the premiere of his movie City Lights, c.1931

Albert Einstein & Charlie Chaplin at the premiere of “City Lights” - 1931

I admire this vet's reaction.  And it is still Under One God.

I admire this vet's reaction. And it is still Under One God.